Lighting controller

The lighting controller serve for controls the RGB LED strips via computer. The device to which the strips are attached is connected to the computer with a USB cable. The controller offers you a simple way to change the color of your LED strips in different ways, offering accurate color reproduction. Below is the list of features of this controller:

  • Color selection with individual sliders for Red, Green and Blue color.
  • Color selection, color saturation and color brightness with corresponding sliders.
  • Select color with  25 buttons with predefined colors.
  • 10 buttons for saving the previously selected color by the user.
  • Lighting the LED strip according to the sound of the played track with the possibility LED strip to change the color or only the brightness of the selected color and selecting the maximum allowed brightness level.
  • Lighting the LED strip according to the sound of the microphone (this option will not be available to Windows Vista users).
  • A VU Meter that shows the volume.
  • Fade of colors with the option of speed and brightness selection.
  • Jumping from one color to another with the user’s choice of colors to be jumped and selecting the speed of jumping and brightness of the color.
  • Flashing of the selected color with the ability to select the brightness and speed.
  • Color selection from a colorful wheel.
  • Reorder the colors (it’s a very useful option if you have a strip with a different color layout).
  • The software remembers the last selected color, selected jumping buttons, saved colors, sound settings, color wheel settings, settings for reordering of colors and independently selected speeds for “Fade colors”, “Jump colors” and “Flash”.
  • Controlling can be done with a touch screen.
  • The software works on:
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit, for all)

Technical data about device:

Length: 5 meters. It can be made with length according to your needs.

Connections: USB-A connector, 5.5-2.1mm socket, 1×4, 2.54mm female pin header.

Working voltage: 5-12 VDC

Output current: 3 x 2A

Plugging and controlling



Manual (It’s good to read it)

Lighting controller 1.2(installer)


30 Euro + shipping, custom, tax(tell us your country and we will calculate total cost)

What’s included in your order?

Lighting controller(software)

Control device

What is not included and you need to get yourself?

Power supply

LED strips